Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up

I was a part of an interesting conversation with my friends about what we want to do (work or otherwise) with the rest of our lives. A couple of us are about to embark on the adventure of having both children in school fulltime so it makes sense that we rejoin the workforce. While my friends were chatting about the big things God is calling them to do (working with the elderly, becoming a motivational speaker), I sat uncharacteristically silent, listening. Finally they pressed me about my big dreams as a semi-free woman and I couldn't answer. I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life.

It's not that I don't have interests, talents and education, but I just want to work some place where I can be home with my kids when they are home. I want to be able to take my kids to their piano lessons and sports events in the evening. I want them to be able to spend their time at home and not at a sitter's home. I want to keep being a stay-at-home mom with a real paycheck. Is there a job out there like this?

I mentioned before that I recently attended my 20 year high school reunion. Of all of my girlfriends, I was one of the only women who has stayed home with her children instead of pursuing a career. I was almost jealous until I heard about their hour long commutes to daycare and the lack of sleep they experienced.

I take great comfort in the fact that I did the right thing for my family by giving up an extra income. I thank God everyday that I have a wonderful husband who provides for his family and sees the benefits of someone staying home. At times I worry about the prospects of me settling in a career since I have been out of the workforce for almost a decade, but I wouldn't trade it for the time I have spent with my children.

So what do I want to do when I grow up? Just like I told my friends, "Eh, something will work out. It always does."


  1. Absolutely, you did the right thing. And yes, absolutely, there is a job where you can say at home and have a paycheck--this is my 10th year in business, and I'm here to say it CAN be done. It IS out there--you will find it. I don't know what it will be for you, but I know you will find it, Jane. You know why? It's BECAUSE you don't know what you'll be when you grow up. It's because you have the talent, motivation, education. You are open to possibilties, and one will present itself. Seek and ye shall find!! Love, Lisa :-)

  2. There is no nobler work than being a mother, as far as I'm concerned. The children will remain your life's work. However, you'll be collecting a paycheck again someday, somehow. Relinguish that particular choice to God with an ardent prayer. Prayer avails so much...twists and turns that are so much more exciting than anything we can conjure up. Love you darling, Mom

  3. Hey Jane! It's Amy from Spark People MOPS and of course Facebook. I saw a link to your blog somewhere and decided to check it out. I have the perfect thing for you to do now that your kids will be in school all day. You can start a MOPS group for moms of school-age kids! MOPS is introducing a new phase of MOPS - did you hear about this already? Sadly it doesn't involve a paycheck though :-(

  4. Jane, I think both of us would love nothing more than to stay home w/ our children until they graduate. However, we understand that sometimes that doesn't always play into our favor. :-) Me, I've always been a goal setter, so looking forward isn't anything new in my life. It's not always the best method, but as we discussed, I have simply felt God stirring in my life lately...BIG time. I think after this week's adventures for us both, we've witnessed that in both of our lives. I admire you for your strong convictions, your love for your children and Jon, and truly can't wait to witness what exciting changes will happen for us both as Jim and Alyssa enter kindergarten this Fall. What a blessing it is to walk with you on this journey called life, dear friend.
    And next week....oh that will be a another new adventure!! Love, Lori

  5. Im right there with you Jane. Ryleigh's only 2 1/2 but I have always felt that home was where I was called to be.