Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shock & Awe

My brother sent me this video this morning. Watch it first and then I will comment.

As I was watching the interview with Susan Boyle before her performance I was thinking she just must be just awful - I mean she's 47 (looks like 57), she's never been married, she lives with several cats and now, all of the sudden, she is some undiscovered talent? Gimme a break. Randy loves a good joke, so this gal must be the most horrible of the horribles. The audience was laughing at her, the judges looked skeptical - although I'll hand it to Simon he is always professional before the performance and then rips the contestant apart AFTERwards.

But then, she opened her mouth and the most amazing sound emerged. I started to cry. I was bawling!! I cried because it was beautiful; I cried because the previously nasty audience was cheering; I cried because Simon and Pierce, who are the biggest cynics in all of England, were smiling and cheering for this "cheeky" woman. I cried because I was one of the cynics who was about to eat her hat!

We go through our lives thinking it's too late to change; it's too late to realize dreams; it's too late late to be successful. Susan Boyle proves that it's not too late. Bloody fantastic!

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